Habor 4 Qt 1500w Oilless Hot Air Fryer OvenHabor 4 qt 1500w oilless hot air fryer oven is a multipurpose cooking device that makes a wide range of delicacies in different methods.

From baking, frying to roasting, this device allows you to prepare all your favorite meals healthily. You don’t need to add any oil when cooking your meals, which is a bonus to making healthy food for your loved ones.

In this product review, I will cover the features that make the Habor oilless air fryer a must-have cooking device for your home, advantages, drawbacks, warnings, and my take on it

The cooking capacity of this device only measures 4QT. Hence we will help you determine if it is ideal for your whole family or not.

Also, we will share the top advantages and disadvantages of cooking with this fryer, as discussed by the previous customers.

The air fryer comes with a recipe book to help you prepare different meals with it. Therefore, read through this product review to help you make a concrete decision of whether to buy this cooking device or not.


How do air fryers work?

The air fryer cooks food by circulating hot air around the food. The super-hot air, together with a high cooking speed, ensures the food cook well and on all sides.


Is Habor 4 Quart 1500w Oilless Hot Air Fryer Oven is good air fryer?

One of the best air fryer brand on the market today is the Habor 4 Quart 1500w Oilless Hot Air Fryer Oven.


What is the Habor 4 Quart 1500w Oilless Hot Air Fryer Oven?

Habor 4 Qt 1500w Oilless Hot Air Fryer Oven reviewHarbor 4 Qt is a certified air fryer that can perform a wide range of cooking other than frying. The fryer has an oven where you can prepare your family some cookies or dessert cake.

FDA and ETL certify the appliance, and so it is a safe cooking ware to buy for your kitchen. The fryer enables you to prepare different kinds of food without the need to add any oil. So, you can still get great fried and crunchy chips with this device without adding any frying oil.

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The non-stick basket is made of sturdy and durable coating that does not wear out even after prolonged use. It is convenient to use by all, thanks to the digital screen for control purposes.

It is quite easy to monitor the cooking time since the fryer has an inbuilt cooking timer, which ranges from 0 to 60 minutes. The fryer features a sleek built of 11.6 by 11 by 12.6, which is a reasonable size, especially for people with small kitchen counters.


The features.

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Pros vs Cons

  • The Habor air fryer allows versatility in cooking meals.

  • It helps make healthy family food without the use of cooking oil.

  • Using the device is smooth for all, including kids and older adults.

  • Habor air fryer is crafted in small design which saves storage space.

  • The basket handle is made of cooling material for comfortable handling even when cooking.

  • A large number of customers have complained about a disturbing burning plastic smell that is produced when the device is switched on.

  • The air fryer cannot be used for warming foods.

  • Some customers have complained about the basket’s handle being fragile.



This air fryer is equipped with a small basket that may not hold large quantities of food like a whole chicken. You may also experience a plastic burnt smell coming from the device when you switch it on. Note that the smell is typical and may go on for a while.



Other than the provided recipe book, this device comes with lifetime customer care services.


Who is Habor 4 Qt 1500w Oilless Hot Air Fryer Oven?

This cooking fryer is suitable for a family of about five people who enjoy cooking food using different methods. The 4 qt capacity can only prepare enough meals for at most five people. If you enjoy trying out new recipes with your kids, the fryer is a great deal because it is easy to use and comes with a recipe book.

If you have health issues that require you to eat food rich in low fat, this is the right cooking gadget to consider. The Habor air fryer eliminates up to 80 percent oil usage ensuring you cook healthy and delicious foods.

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Habor air fryer is a certified and flexible cooking device for making different kinds of foods. It does not limit when it comes to experiencing different recipes as it has seven cooking functions to choose from. Although it may not be suitable for a large family serving, it can be used to make a variety of delicacies for the family. This device is also sold at a pocket-friendly price.

Although the device does not help to warm foods, it is a great deal for making delicious and healthy foods. The handle of the basket is a bit fragile; thus, you should be cautious when loading the menu since too much bulkiness may damage it. Make sure to receive a warranty on buying the appliance, and in case of any technical issue, contact the customer care for assistance.

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