An air fryer offers so many healthy options for cooking food for your family. Also, if it combines a dehydrator, the advantages are doubled. Air frying and dehydrating are two very healthy ways of cooking.

In this article, we will discuss air fryers and dehydrators combo and see how it can benefit you.

We will also recommend some of the best air fryer and dehydrator combos for your convenience.


Best Air Fryers with Dehydrator Combo

If you are looking for an air fryer and dehydrator combo, then we can help. We have selected some of the best options in the market for your convenience. Take a look and choose one that fits into your budget.


1. Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer+ Rotisserie, Dehydrator

This one by Chefman is a versatile air fryer that functions as a rotisserie, oven, and a dehydrator as well. It is perfect for any style of cooking and gives excellent results for all your recipes.

The air fryer works faster than any other method of cooking. It does not require any preheating at all that cuts even more time of cooking.

The easy to use display setting allow you to set time and temperature of your choice, or you can select a preset mode of cooking.

The air fryer can dehydrate your favorite food so you can keep enjoying it throughout the year. You can dehydrate veggies, fruits, meat and enjoy a whole new taste and texture.

Not only dehydration prolongs the shelf life of your food, but you can enjoy the crispy veggies chips that taste great and are way too healthy than fried food.

The air fryer comes with many useful accessories for you. It has two airflow rack that allows food in large batches. It also comes with complete rotisserie set, rotisserie spit, fork, and rotation so that you can make some amazing roast recipes at home.

The spacious 6.3 QT capacity allows you to cook food for the entire family. The racks will enable you to place multiple dishes inside the air fryer. You can see how it is cooking with its glass window and interior lighting.

The air fryer is safe and approved by the ELT’s recommendations. One year’s warranty also ensures its durability.


2. GoWISE USA Air Fryer w/Rotisserie and Dehydrator

This one is another excellent option that combines an air fryer with rotisserie and dehydrator. It will cook your food with little to no oil at all.

Its multiple functions bring versatility in your cooking. You can cook so many options while not compromising the quality of food at all.

It features easy to use touchscreen that opens up a lot of options for your convenience. With 15 pre-programmed menus, you can adjust the optimal time and temperature according to the food type.

The air fryer comes with ten useful accessories that include skewers, racks, drip tray, rotisserie tong, rod, oven rack, and so many others.

Not only these accessories make cooking easy but give new options for cooking as well.

Gowise air fryer has a spacious interior. Its 12.7 QT capacity is amazing for cooking any food. The interior is made of quality stainless steel that is durable and easy to clean as well.

Besides being a wonderful oven and fryer, this one works as a dehydrator as well. Its temperature range starts at 120oF that allows it to work like a dehydrator. You can create your own dried herbs, granola bars, dried fruits, and the options are so many.

Though you can set up to 60 minutes for air frying dehydrator, it can set up to 8 hours so that the moisture is removed from the food gradually.

The fryer comes with one year warranty and a cookbook to help you cook some amazing food for your loved ones. The appliance is reasonably priced, especially if you add the price of a separate rotisserie and dehydrator.


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3. Family Sized Power Air Fryer Oven with Professional Dehydrator

This one is an 8 QT Power Air Fryer that makes healthy versatile for you with its multiple functions. It’s a seven-in-one appliance that can work like an oven, air fryer, rotisserie, and dehydrator.

Not only you can fry food with its super-fast heated air technology, but make use of it for a variety of food like baking, grill, rotisserie, and even reheat your favorite meat, veggies, and fruits.

It’s easy to use display panel allows you to set the time or temperature or mode of cooking conveniently.

The air fryer comes with a detachable basket, deep-sided air-flow racks, and a rotisserie set with ten rotisserie skewers for your convenience.

It features 1500 watt turbo cyclic power that cooks your food very fast. Besides so many other options, it allows you to reheat your leftovers so you can make use of them later.

It features a glass door that not only lets you see the food cooking inside, but the glass door is also removable so you can easily clean the area inside and keep it in pristine condition.

The air fryer comes with three bonus books that provide easy to follow step by step air frying recipes. It’s a great option for all those who want a multifunctional air fryer with a budget-friendly option.


4. Ninja Air Fryer & Dehydrator

Ninja Air fryer provides fast and easy cooking at a very affordable price. You can make your favorite meal, snacks, and appetizers in a very healthy way.

The air fryer makes your food in less than 75% of oil. The fryer comes with a large capacity, and its spacious basket can cook 2 lbs of fries in a go.

The inside basket is ceramic coated that is nonstick and free of any Teflon or PFOA. Its one-touch control panel offers only four pre-programmed menus, but you can set the time and temperature manually with its easy to touch buttons.

The air fryer offers multiple useful features. It can fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate. Its multi-layer rack allows you to spread food evenly for reheating or dehydrating. You can make use of it for cooking large batches of healthy cookies, buns, bread, or crackers.

All accessories are dishwasher safe that makes this Ninja Air fryer more convenient. It’s a good option that offers a very budget-friendly and versatile appliance for your everyday use.


5. Innsky Air Fryer Oven, 10.6 QT Review

This Innsky’s Air Fryer Oven is a mighty appliance that would cover most of your cooking needs. Its 10.6 QT capacity makes it ideal for cooking large batches of food. You can easily fit in a whole chicken for a delicious roast.

The spacious interior allows racks so you can bake, fry, or reheat food easily. Its metal interior is durable that stays in good condition for many years. The cleaning up is also effortless; you can wipe inside with a damp cloth.

A common problem with air fryers is a strong plastic smell in food if it has a plastic exterior. The metal interior rules out the possibility of any foul smell ruining your food.

The air fryer oven has a beautiful design that enhances the interior of your kitchen; Its brushed stainless steel exterior is fingerprint-resistant. All the plastic parts are BPA free and produce no harmful material for cooking.

The door has a see-through window that lets you see the food inside. The air fryer comes with a complete rotisserie set. The tumbling motion of chicken makes sure all sides are cooked evenly and get an even color.

The dehydrating function of this air fryer oven allows you to prepare some amazing dehydrated food at home. You can arrange the veggies, meat, fruits slices on its two racks and let the moisture vanish. It’s a quality product that brings a lot of food variety for your loved ones.


6. ChefWave 12.6 Quart Air Fryer, Rotisserie and Dehydrator

Here are another spacious air fryer and dehydrator with extra-large capacity. Its 12.6QTs size is suitable for any size’s family needs.

It can fit in a  load of food inside, and you can even make use of its large interior for creating large batches of food for parties, dinners, or other get-togethers.

The two racks can cook different trays of food at a time. You can use the whole space for a big feast like a whole chicken

The state of art kitchen appliance gives you a healthier option than conventional meals. With its triple power cooking system, turbo air, and a 360o rotating system can cook a whole variety of food with excellent results.

The multi-functional fryer can bake, air fry, grill, roast, broil, stir fry, reheat, or dehydrate your food. All these options make it a robust cooking machine.

Its large display panel offers 16 preprogrammed options that cover everything for you. All you need to do is to tap the right option, and its smart system will automatically cook your food at its optimal temperature.

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The air fryer oven comes with so many accessories that make cooking convenient. It comes with a skewer rack, drip tray, frying basket, wire rack, rotisserie, handle tool, and mesh basket for your convenience. Overall, it’s a great option for air frying and dehydrating and does much more than that.


7. Power Air Fryer Oven With Built-In Rotisserie & Dehydrator

This Multi-functional air fryer will replace your conventional oven, toaster, pizza grill, dehydrator, and rotisserie oven. You will have a versatile option to prepare food in many ways.

The air fryer comes in family size and offers 6 QT of capacity. Space inside allows the air to whirlwind around your speed that crisps your food and give golden color without needing any oil at all.

A lot of accessories come with this elite fryer oven. It gets you everything you may do in this air fryer. Whether you want to bake kababs or cookies or want to dehydrate some veggies and fruits, this air fryer provides everything you need for cooking; wire racks, baking trays, rotisserie sets, pizza pans, skewers, mesh basket, fetching tools, it covers everything.

All washable parts can be dump in a dishwasher that makes cleaning afterward easy. It comes with a bonus of three recipe books, as well. As compared to our previous Power Air Fry option, this one is a more budget-friendly price. It’s a great option for any modern kitchen.

8. Ninja OP302 Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer, Dehydrator All-in-One

This one by Ninja is not an exclusive air fryer, but it is an all-in-one appliance that can pressure cook, air fry, dehydrate crisper and so many other things.

It employs tender-crisp technology for quickly tenderizing the food, and then its crisping lid gives your meal a crunchy outer layer that is the deep frying specialty.

It comes with a 6 QT ceramic coated pot that is spacious enough to fit in the meal of the whole family.

The ceramic coated basket is free of any PFOA and easy to clean.

Its air frying function can grill, roast, fry, and broil, giving a crisp and golden texture to your food. The pressure cooking locks the juices inside your food, making them taste moisten and juicy from inside.

The air fryer plus cooker can dehydrate food as per your choice. Its slow and steady dehydrating function gradually removes the moisture from your food without affecting its nutritional value and leave them dry but full of flavors.

The appliance is a bit pricey, but you get so many appliances combined in this single one that makes it an affordable option. The hundreds of positive reviews of customers back its durability and excellent performance. It’s a great option if you can afford it. It would make your life easy with so many easy to cook options.


9. ChefWave 12.6 Quart Air Fryer and Dehydrator 

Here are another air fryer and dehydrator combo that is going to be a good addition in your kitchen. This one is an upgraded function that comes with everything you need for cooking versatile menus.

ChefWave Air Fryer comes with a lot of useful accessories like a complete rotisserie set with forks and skewers for roasting.

Wire racks that fit in its spacious interior allow you to arrange food for dehydrating so that airflow from all sides.

Mesh basket for air frying a batch of fries, baking cage, pizza pans, drip pan, and a lot more that gives you limitless options of cooking food in a very healthy and oil-free manner.

The air fryer with dehydrator comes with generous space for accommodating a load of food. Multiple racks allow you to cook different things at a time. It features 12QTs of space that is enough for your everyday cooking, even for a large family.

A large blue display panel gives a lot of useful options for cooking. 16 pre-programmed menus make life easy, even for a novice cook.  You can set time or temperature manually, as well.

Besides the preset options, the air fryer also gives users options like defrost, dehydrate, keep warm, or more. It’s a combination of an electric oven, fryer, and a dehydrator. All these wonderful features are offered at a very reasonable price.


10. DO IT Air Fryer Combine with Fruit Dehydrator

This one is another air fryer that gives you the luxury of dehydrating as well. The 8 QT air fryer has a spacious food basket that can even fit a whole chicken.

The air fryer does not require any preheating. Put in the food and adjust the time and temperature, or push a preset menu.

It includes some smart features that make cooking convenient for you. It offers automatic power off so that the machine turns itself off, preventing your food from overheating or burning.

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It also has a memory function that allows you to check the food from time to time without disturbing the time setting.

You can change the time or temperature anytime. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes though, for a dehydrator, you can adjust 2-24 hours. It suits those who don’t need oven or rotisserie features and only need a basic air fryer and a dehydrator.


Editor’s Choice

Overall, all options in our list works are great, but we choose GoWISE USA Air Fryer w/Rotisserie and Dehydrators the best air fryer and dehydrator combo. It is a quality product that does a lot of other cooking options other than dehydration and air frying. In the end, it all boils down to your personal preferences and requirements. Make sure you choose one that suits your individual needs and budget.


Benefits of Dehydrating


Benefits of Buying an Air Fryer and Dehydrator Combo

A combination of air fryer and dehydrator brings a lot of convenience in your life. Here are few benefits of buying an air fryer and dehydrator combo.


What is an Air Fryer, and how does it work?

An air fryer is a healthy alternative to deep-frying. It makes use of heated air rapidly circulating food that not only cooks it but gives it a crispy texture that we all love in deep-fried food.

These modern appliances allow you to not only air fry, but bake, grill, broil, and roast in the air fryer and it can easily replace your oven, rotisserie, and toaster.

What is dehydrating?

Dehydrating is a centuries-old method of preserving food. It removes all the moisture from fruits, vegetables, or meat. Asa result, they become more crisp, concentrated, and delicious.

Some obvious examples of dehydrated food are herbs and dried fruits that we use in our cooking.

But you can make so many more things with dehydrating other than herbs and dry fruits. You can prepare some very delicious and healthy snacks at home for your family like veggies chips.

How does a dehydrator work?

A dehydrator removes the moisture out of food gradually. For centuries, people used to preserve their food with different methods and make use of slow heat or sunlight to dehydrate ingredients. Still, it is practiced in different parts of the world.

A dehydrator simplifies and speeds up the whole process. A basic dehydrator has racks where you spread out food evenly. It makes use of warm air to take the moisture out of food slowly. So it does pretty much what an air fryer does, only dehydrating is a long process and requires less heat.

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